Learn TypeScript Programming

Learn TypeScript Programming


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About the course

This course will teach you everything that you will find in a standard 200-page book on TypeScript. In this course, you will first learn how to install the compiler for typescript. Then you will learn about the data types, and how to change the browser. After that, you will be introduced to arrays, math functions, and looping statements. Then you will learn about functions, classes, and interfaces in typescript. In addition to this, you will be getting into the details of the concept of inheritance in typescript. Then you will learn about generic functions, generic classes, and destructuring in typescript. You will also learn about template strings, and the spread operator and a lot more.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn typescript programming from scratch.
  • Code with decorators/annotations, classes, interfaces, private properties, and typing compliance.
  • Boost your hireability through innovative and independent learning.
  • Get a certificate on successful completion of the course.
Target Audience

The course can be taken by:

Students: All students who are pursuing any technical/professional courses related to computer science / Information Technology.

Teachers/Faculties: All computer science teachers/faculties who wish to acquire new skills.

Professionals: All working professionals, who wish to upgrade their skills.

Why learn Ruby Programming?

In recent years, the need for static typing in JavaScript has increased rapidly. Growing front-end projects, more complex services, and elaborate command-line utilities have boosted the need for more defensive programming in the JavaScript world. Furthermore, the burden of compiling an application before actually running it hasn’t seen as a weakness, but rather as an opportunity. While two strong parties (TypeScript and Flow) have emerged, a lot of trends actually indicate that only one may prevail — TypeScript.

Besides the marketing claims and commonly known properties, TypeScript has an amazing community with very active contributors. It also has one of the best teams in terms of language design behind it. Led by Anders Hejlsberg, the team has managed to fully transform the landscape of large-scale JavaScript projects to be nearly an exclusively TypeScript-powered business. With very successful projects such as VSTS or Visual Studio Code, Microsoft themselves is a strong believer in this technology. But it is not only the features of TypeScript that make the language appealing but also the possibilities and frameworks that TypeScript is powering.

Course Features
  • 24X7 Access: You can view lecture as per your own convenience.
  • Online lectures: ~60 minutes of online lecture with high-quality video.
  • Updated Quality content: Content is latest and gets updated regularly to meet the current industry demands.
Test & Evaluation

There will be a final test containing a set of multiple choice questions. Your evaluation will include the scores achieved in the final test.


Certification requires you to complete the final test. Your certificate will be generated online after successful completion of course.

Topics to be covered
  • Install
  • Data Types
  • Writing to Browser
  • Conversion
  • Interfaces Pt 1
  • Arrays
  • Math
  • Let
  • Looping
  • Functions
  • Classes
  • Getters & Setters
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces Pt 2
  • Generic Functions
  • Generic Classes
  • Destructuring
  • Template Strings
  • Spread Operator
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